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Flip Reader is easy-to-use freeware which designed especially for reading eBooks in *.fbr created by Flip PDF, Flip PDF Professional, Flip Shopping Catalog and Flip Corporate Edition new beta versions, or *.zip created by any FlipBuilder software. All you need to do is install the Reader and then open *.fbr or *.zip format eBook to view and read directly, no Flash Player or some other tool required.

The freeware is wonderful solution for sharing eBooks with other people via email and read all eBooks offline individually.

For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP

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Easy Email eBoosk to Read Offline

There are different output formats provided by FlipBuilder software, HTML, ZIP, EXE, APP, FBR, Burn to CD, different formats books can be read by different systems in different ways. But you may ask, which one I can choose from so many types to output and email to others for them to read offline? The answer is ZIP and FBR.

Not like HTML which need to publish online and people can only read online, or EXE which always be treated as virus in most email servers, ZIP and FBR format books can be easily sent out as attachement in emails, and people just need to download this 100% free Flip Reader to open it and view it offline directly. No unzip or Flash Player needed at all.

To create FBR format page page-flipping eBook, please download: Flip PDF, Flip PDF Pro, Flip Shopping Catalog or Flip PDF Corporate Edition.


Download FBR Demo Book to Read Offline



Software to create FBR eBooks

Flip PDF

Flip PDF is a utility which converts Acrobat PDF files to page-flipping eBooks. All original content is retained intact for publishing. The eBook, your new digital publication, can be a digital magazine, a digital catalogue or any other kind of digital book. More details>>


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Flip PDF Professional

Flip PDF Professional is page-flipping builder software to help you convert ordinary static PDF files into wonderful eBooks! You can embed video, audio, Flash and links into your flipbook pages, use the command line to automate the creation of the Flash eBooks. More details>>


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Flip Shopping Catalog

Flip Shopping Catalog is helping to build digital catalogs with realistic page-flipping effect. It provides a new and interesting way to promote and sell products online. The Flip Shopping Catalog program is easy-to-use, and will help to build a shopping book within minutes. More details>>


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Flip PDF Corporate Edition

Flip PDF Corporate Edition is windows software which helps to convert PDF to digital page flipping publication with multiple powerful features. The Corporate Edition version contains all features of Flip PDF Professional and Flip Shopping Catalog, also 5 installations and 1 year cloud hosting. More details>>


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